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about me


Anna Esenina, is an artist born in Tashkent.

I work in digital, oil on canvas, watercolor, and graphic materials mixed techniques. I am fascinated with digital techniques and in a constant search of ways to mix them with traditional ones. Embedding text with the actual drawings is something I keen to do since 2019. Dreaming to create a graphic novel on a historical topic. I started my art education by studying sculpting. I studied Asian book miniatures along with academic drawing. I was working with stained glass, illustration, and fine art painting in turn throughout my career. 

Since 1998 I’ve started teaching art. To a large extent, my inspiration comes from my interaction with my young and adult pupils. I had illustrated several books. 



1987-1989 studying in the Art studio, sculptor Sergei Cherepanov

1991-1992 course of oriental miniature "Knowledge Society" Tashkent
1990-1994 College of Arts in Tashkent Uzbekistan
1997-2000 took lessons from the artist Viktor Tsigal 


Solo Exhibitions:
2006 Central House of Culture of Railwaymen Moscow Russia 2007 drama theater Stavropol Russia 

2008 Museum of M and A Tsvetaeva city of Alexandrov Russia Techniques and mediums 

2009 Drama Theater Stavropol


2019 Israel Rehovot Dundikov's showroom

2020 Israel Rehovot Rehovot's showroom «Whisper»

2020 Israel Tel-Aviv gallery «Merkazit»  

2020 Israel Tel-Aviv «Fresh Paint»  

2021 Israel Tel-Aviv «Fresh Paint»  

2021 Israel Tel-Aviv gallery «Merkazit»  

2021 Israel Tel-Aviv Abraham Hostel «Day After Today»

2021 Russia St. Petersburg Lazy Artists Society «Kva-Kva-Marki»

2022 Exhibitions 'Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv "Sel-portrait"

2022 Imternational Biennale of Illustration in Haifa "Myth"

2022 Israeli Art Exhibition Bank Hapoalim 2022

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